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ATUBAN Electric Hide and Seek Cat Toy - Motion Activated, Chirping Interactive Toy

ATUBAN Electric Hide and Seek Cat Toy - Motion Activated, Chirping Interactive Toy

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Keep your cat entertained and active with the ATUBAN Electric Hide and Seek Cat Toy. Designed to stimulate your cat's natural hunting instincts, this innovative toy offers hours of fun and exercise.


  • Hide and Seek Game: Encourages your cat to explore and find the toy hidden in the bag, stimulating their hunting instinct and providing plenty of exercise to prevent obesity.

  • Three Working Modes: Normal, active, and interactive modes to suit different cat personalities. Interactive mode activates when your cat pats the toy.

  • Auto On/Off and Motion Activated: The toy runs for 5 minutes, then enters standby mode. It reactivates when patted, and if untouched, it will automatically reactivate for 60 seconds every hour to attract your cat's attention.

  • Irregular Movement: The toy moves randomly, chirps, and shakes, keeping your cat engaged and entertained. It’s an excellent gift for indoor cats.

  • Working in the Pocket: Place the toy in the bag to create a mysterious and exciting game, encouraging your cat to pounce, paw, and scratch.

  • Rechargeable with LED Indicator Light: Built-in rechargeable battery charged via a type-C cable (included). Colour indicators: normal mode - blue light, active mode - purple light, interactive mode - yellow light. Double click the power key to turn off the light during play.

Why Choose ATUBAN Hide and Seek Cat Toy?

  1. Three Modes: Suits most cats, providing happy playtime.
  2. Motion Activated: Reactivates when patted.
  3. Auto On/Off: Balances play and rest.
  4. Mystery Element: Hidden toy and on/off light stimulate hunting instincts.
  5. Chirping Sound: Attracts cats for more exercise.
  6. Rechargeable: Built-in battery saves the hassle and cost of replacements.


  • Material: ABS, plush
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable via type-C charging cable (included)
  • Modes: Normal (blue light), Active (purple light), Interactive (yellow light)
  • Charging: 5V/1A charger recommended (not included)

Keep your cat active, happy, and healthy with the ATUBAN Electric Hide and Seek Cat Toy. Order now for endless fun and exercise for your feline friend!

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